Disney's Princess Half Marathon Makes for Great Mother-Daughter Trip

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Costume: Sweaty Moms Running Club shirt and tu-tu -- I opted for the light pink this year!

With Teresa at the Fit for a Princess Expo to pick up our race packets.
Caroline and Macy on the ferry to the Magic Kingdom
This was Macy's first trip to Walt Disney World in about a decade...it was Caroline's first trip in 2012!
Ready to run my second Princess Half Marathon at 3 o'clock in the blessed A.M.!
The Homewood Princesses making their regal appearance in front of the "throne rooms!"
Such a miracle to "find" Karen Connor and run the last 3 miles with her -- her first 1/2!
Love my B!  She's MY Disney Travel Planner, definitely a Disney Princess and a Coast-to-Coast Medal Winner, too!
Reunited with fellow TravelingMom.com blogger, Lorraine Robertson, at the finish line -- notice my stash of snacks!

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Race Packet

Monday, February 20, 2012

My virtual trainer for Disney's Princess Half, Jeff Galloway
If you're like me getting ready for Disney's Princess Half Marathon on Sunday, then you may be wondering what you'll need to be ready on race day.  You can look back to my post Running Disney's Princess Half: The Good, The Bad and The Blisters for my complete wrap up of last year's race, and here's a sneak peak of what may be in your race packet when you pick it up on Friday or Saturday:

In addition, you may want to consider a few other items which I include in my race necessities:
  • Hat and sunglasses -- I wore a tiara last year, but I missed the sun visor of my hat, and the inner sweat band, too. My sunglasses broke around mile 7, and I had to throw them away in a trash can in the Magic Kingdom.  I personally like to revert into my "cocoon," and my hat and glasses help me do that. I also had a hard time distinguishing between my tiara and my sunglasses when they were both on my head -- which totally messed up my hair!
  • Gu -- Yes, they hand out energy boosters on the course (as well as before and after the race), but sometimes, I'm not thinking clearly on the course.  I will pass through a station and not grab Gu or fruit and then I regret not having the extra energy.  Plus, I like to pin my favorite flavor inside my running skirt for a quick, anytime access.
  • Running skirt -- This sounds trivial, but I like the undershorts under my running skirt to avoid...(how can I be delicate)...friction.  And the running skirt keeps my tutu (which most people wear in the Princess 1/2) from working itself between my legs.
You can also find some of my best Disney travel advice on TravelingMom.com and follow along with me on Twitter @AndiAnswers.  Best wishes to all you princesses running on Sunday, and please give me shout out if you see me at the Expo or at the race!

Celebrating Valentine's Day Like Mickey & Minnie

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mickey & Minnie sharing an "Eskimo kiss" on board the Disney Wonder to Alaska
You have to love timeless sweethearts like Mickey & Minnie...and that gal has been waiting for her man to pop the question for a long, long time!  Like Mickey & Minne, my honey and I are rarely seen together -- because also like the famous mouse couple, we're busy.  Yet, what fun it is when we're together.  It reminds me of why I married this witty and thoughtful fellow.  Happy Valentine's Day to all the timeless (but busy) couples out there who are remembering tonight why they originally fell in love!