Designer Diane Kroe's Clothing Line for Traveling Moms

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Travel doesn't always lend itself to looking like one just stepped off the runway of a fashion show, but more often than not, I personally look like I just ran the length of an airport runway instead.  With Diane Kroe's ( line of travel essentials, a woman can look fabulous if she's changing latitudes or maybe just attitudes.

I came across her line after I noticed her design philosophy on her Twitter profile (@DianeKroe) -- "to create timeless yet functional clothing for women who love to travel."  I was hooked, and although I do love classic styles, I'm very practical, too.

You have to be practical when you travel:  forgiving fabrics (on my body and in my suitcase); versatile styles (from boardroom, then playground to dance floor); and easy to clean (children...enough said).  Although I haven't worn anything from her line (yet!), her designs seem to answer all my needs while creating more room in my luggage (and my closet)...for shoes and accessories!

Here are examples of the designs I'm interested in:

Wrap Top ($125) - can be worn six ways

All 4 One Top ($95) -- As a swimsuit coverup or over leggings... a long-sleeved top (or only on one shoulder) a halter.
10 in 1 Dress ($250)
Reverse side of the 10 in 1 Dress
These classic pieces are examples of how a few simple wardrobe staples can make your personal collection more versatile and therefore more practical...especially while traveling.  Yet, here's a little fashion advice based on my experiences (and mistakes):
  • Know your body.  Styles which flatter some body types actually make others look heavier, older, etc. For instance, with my "pear-shaped" figure, I have to stay clear of blousy tops with skinny pants.  It's a great look which I love, but I have come to grips with the fact that I just can't pull off that look.
  • Invest in good undergarments.  My sweet Southern mama always said that a girl's "helpers" underneath her clothes should be more expensive than the ones she puts on top.  Shop for, try on and purchase quality bras, panties and body shapers.  It will make you look and feel better!
  • Keep with your color scheme.  You know that certain colors look better on you than others.  They're the ones that glean the most compliments when you wear them.  Together with the classics (black, brown, blue denim and khaki), you can make seemingly endless combinations with your "signature colors." Mine are red, pink and navy blue.  I stay with these combinations when I travel so that I can mix and match without bringing too many accompanying accessories -- jewelry, scarves and shoes.
  • Take care of your clothes. If you purchase quality, classic styles, you'll want to keep them for a long while.  Therefore, be extra careful when you eat or play in your clothes and be mindful of where you sit or how you move.  In addition, treat your clothes with care when you wash them, and bring your favorite clothes detergents (or stain removers) when you travel -- no matter if you plan on doing laundry when you're away or not.
  • Consider your accessories.  Shoes and jewelry can add a lot of bulk and weight to luggage (or a closet). Therefore, keep within your color scheme and choose accessories which compliment several outfits.  Black shoes of various styles and silver and gold costume jewelry are best when you travel.  Scarves are a key accessory when you're on the go -- they're lightweight and can be worn around the neck or waist, as a headband or as a wrap. They're great to protect your hair in the rain or wind or used as a pillow on an airplane or in a car.  Scarves are also great at hiding stains or tears in clothing!
Let me know what your go-to staples are in your closet when you travel.  Also, I'll be giving an in-depth look into traveling to colder climates to avoid packing too much.  My bloggy-buddy ( and fellow Disney Moms Panelist, Darcie, has "commissioned" me to write about packing strategies for a Disney Cruise to Alaska, and since I'm kinda crazy about this sister-from-another-mister, I'll be fulfilling her request shortly.  So, stay tuned, but in the meantime, you can check out a few fast Alaskan facts on Disney Cruise Line's YouTube Channel and

Bon voyage!


  1. I really love that 10-in-1 dress. We used to be world travelers (before kids) and soon we will begin teaching them how to travel. This clothing line would be perfect!

    1. I love that, too! I could get some use out of that sucker....traveling and at home!

  2. Thanks a lot I'm going to have to figure out where I can get my hands on this in time for a trip next week. LOVE it!

    1. I'm definitely ordering the All 4 One may be seeing that on the cruise. :)

  3. Beautiful! I'd have no idea what to do with myself unless I was in my standard uniform of yoga pants and a sweatshirt. sigh.....

    1. I like it bc it's "brainless" several different ways.

  4. The mechanics of this clothing amaze me. Seriously. How does one come up with something so complicated, yet so simple at the same time? I'll leave that to the professionals ;) I will say, though, that the 4-in-1 top is super cute (especially when worn in the halter style). PS. Love right back atcha!