Sneak Peak Pics of a Disney/Lifetime TV Commercial

Saturday, March 19, 2011

An empty Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom at 6 a.m. Christmas decorations were taken down the day before. Our call time was 5 a.m., and we had our hair and makeup done in a backstage Cast Members' cafe.
After watching us shiver in the cold, our sweet producers were the first guests in line at the Emporium to buy us Mickey socks and gloves. I've kept them as great mementos of the experience.
Because guests (without signed releases) couldn't appear in the commercial, every person you can clearly see in the background is an extra.
Erika and I both filmed a scene or two individually at the Electric Umbrella at Epcot's Future World. You can see me in the background with one hand on my hip -- I can't remember if this was before or after a bird pooped on my hair!
Some of the technology amazed me while filming these commercials, and then some things were so...elementary.  For instance, I kept walking too fast and too close to the camera by the end of one of my long lines. So, they marked my ending mark with a marker...a real marker!
It was fun to interact with on-looking guests. They would ask us "who" we were or shout comments like, "They should let you wear jackets!" Some would even encourage us by clapping or saying nice compliments after we shot a scene or said our lines. (One guest asked if I was a host on the Travel Channel...Samantha Brown watch out!)

Our hair and makeup person -- whom we referred to as "the Goddess" -- kept us neat, tidy and our locks in place. She made sure no straps were showing, earrings weren't hung on hair and no lipstick on teeth. Our hair contained more product than the Gulf oil spill last year! (It looks like the camera man needed a little touch from the Goddess, too!)
With lines memorized, direction given and hair/faces touched up -- we were ready for our close-ups! These scenes close each of the four spots. Because it was so dark and the camera lights were so bright, we couldn't even see the lens where we were supposed to look. The only thing we could see was a little red light above the lens. We focused right below the red light to say our lines -- with no vision of what was going on behind us.   

Remember to tune in to LifetimeTV on Monday and to or next week to see the finished products!

(All photos were taken by David Zaccaria.)

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