Back on Board with Disney Cruise Line

Thursday, March 31, 2011

If you've ever sailed with Disney, you'll know exactly how I feel.  I'm always one of the last ones to leave the ship on the day we arrive back in port, and I eagerly count down the days until I sail again -- even before I leave the port terminal.  Well, one week from today my itch will be scratched by reporting for repeat duty on the Disney Dream!

As the Disney Cruise Line (DCL) Specialist on the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, I answer questions online at specifically for those sea-faring Disney types, and I get to do some fun "extra" things, too.  For instance, I was invited to a special media event and sailing for the Disney Dream's Christening Ceremony and Christening Cruise.  There were media from all over the world and celebrities, and I was there representing the Disney Moms Panel as well as DCL.  I explained to TV, radio, web and print reporters how I answer questions for guests with that "mom-next-door" familiarity and practical experience.  My experience ranges from what to pack to when to sail -- and how to plan to how to tell.
Today has been an extra special day in that while I was on a conference call with DCL finding out about my scripts (more on that later) and finalized plans, a knock came at the door with my Disney Dream Cruise documents and packet. The booklet contains everything from my itinerary, travel information and luggage tags to all those documents needed to board -- such as the Cruise Contract, Payment Authorization Form and Airline Onboard Check In.  All of these forms are also available in the Planning Center of

In addition to all that excitement, my phone started buzzing like crazy with Twitter feeds of my being featured as the Disney Cruise Line Mom on the Disney Parks Blog.  (Really cool stuff!)  There I am pictured with the Big Cheese himself -- capturing that beautiful moment for which I'm always anticipating...the moment in which it's my turn to set sail on a Disney ship. Next week, however, is a very special sailing indeed.  Not only do I get to sail aboard the Disney Dream again, but I'm also filming planning videos which I will use when I answer guests' questions online.  In my own words, I'll get to explain to guests exactly what it's like to be on board and experience the very things about which they have questions.

Yes, I know I'm very blessed to have this opportunity, and all the ones which Disney allows me.  Yet, whether I'm answering questions at home in my bathrobe (yep, I do that!), attending celebrity-laden media events or shooting explanatory on-board videos...I'm always thinking of YOU -- the Disney guest.  I'm wondering what questions you would ask, how you would respond and what you would want to know.  After all, I'm just like you.  I still mark the days on my calendar until my next Disney vacation, and I shreek and shrill with excitement at the first sight of the ship, the park or better yet...the mouse!

So, click on over to the Disney Parks Blog and leave a comment for me there or come ask me a question at  I'd love to hear from you!

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