Dawson Summer Ballet Camp for 3-7 year olds

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday -- Thursday, June 28-July 1
Monday -- Thursday, July 19-22

9:30 a.m. until Noon
$90 per week 

I will be teaching two fun-packed weeks of ballet camp this summer complete with instruction in various types of dance, music, games, snacks and crafts with an emphasis on praising God through dance!  Dancers may choose to attend one or both weeks with the theme of Disney Princesses...there will be different princesses featured each week!

Also included on Thursday of each camp experience will be a family performance at 11:30 a.m. to show parents and friends what we’ve learned and how much fun we’ve enjoyed all week.  Sign up today because spaces are limited!

Simply print out and complete the form below and either mail it or bring it to the Dawson Family Recreation Center (Attention:  Mandy Kerr), 1114 Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL  35209. 


2010 Dawson Summer Ballet Camp Registration

Dancer’s Name:________________________________________

Parents’ Names:_______________________________________

Address (including zip):__________________________________

Home #’s:_____________________ 

Work #’s:_____________________

Cell #’s:______________________

Email Addresses:______________

Birthdate (M/D/Y):_____________________________________


Dance Experience?___________________________________

Circle One or Both:              

 June 28-July 1 ($90)                       July 19-22 ($90)

My Turn in "Lights" -- Andi Visits Zannaland!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some of the richest blessings associated with being on the Disney Moms Panel are the ones pictured above.  The word "Disney" is synonymous with quality, and maybe with the exception of yours truly, Disney has struck gold again by affiliating with 43 panelists from across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  When meeting in December, I knew I would be impressed with them all (and a little intimidated, too).  However, I was completely taken back by how close we all became so quickly.

My kids always ask, "Now, who is your favorite...or who is your 'best' best friend on the Mom's Panel?"  To which I start to answer with one name which leads to another, and then another...until finally I exclaim they're all my favorites!

I'll have to admit that I was one of the extremely lucky ones when it came to applying and being accepted for the Moms Panel.  Although I'm an experienced writer and a huge Disney fan, I applied for the first time without much thought (or really hope) and was delightfully surprised when emails of "Congratulations!" filled my in-box after submitting my essays for the first few rounds.

And, that's when I started to lurk!  I thought I better conduct some 'due diligence' in reverse on this Moms Panel endeavor and find out who else may be in this arena with me.  And that's when I found Zanna!  (Or as I like to call her, "Suz."  I like to have my own name for people sometimes so that they know me instantly on the phone.  It cuts down on the small talk!)

I began to visit Zannaland often and got so caught up in her story about applying for the Moms Panel that I began rooting for her over me!  My kids would even lurk over my shoulder and encouragingly add, "Oh, yeah, Mom...if she's in it, you're outta there!"  (Thanks, offspring!)  Her writing was (and continues to be) engaging, and she kept me coming back for more and more and more throughout the panel selection process.  I couldn't believe that I was so invested in the life of this woman whom I didn't know -- all in the name of Disney.

Little did I know that "Zanna" would become "Suz" to me and become someone so near and dear to my heart.  Almost daily, she makes me laugh.  Her heartfelt passion -- for not only Disney -- but for those who share her life passions of family, friends and connecting with one another is evident and thriving on line as well as in person.  Face to face, she's a gentle spirit that draws you closer with her insightful, soft-spoken words, and her drive to pour her life into others (especially her children) is her hallmark.  Her beautiful blue eyes are captivating, and her warm smile is that of a comforting, well-loved and well-known friend.

So...not because I'm the feature this week on her website (although I'm pretty stoked about it!), but because I want you to get to know my friend, Suz...strap on your Mouse ears, grab a Mickey bar and click on over to Zannaland or pay her a visit and ask a few questions at Disney World Moms.  She's your friend you may haven't met yet!

Disney Announces Night of Joy Line Up

Saturday, April 10, 2010

28th annual Night of Joy Sept. 10-11 in Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Christian ‘Artists of the Year:   Third Day, mercyme, Chris Tomlin
Plus Nominees:  Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli

Past Christian music "Artists of the Year" Third Day, mercyme and Chris Tomlin and 2010 "Artist of the Year" nominees Casting Crowns and Francesca Battistelli head a star-powered 15-act lineup set for Disney's Night of Joy 2010 Sept. 10-11 when the long-running Christian music event makes its return to Magic Kingdom.
Also part of the two-night event (when specific acts play one evening each): David Crowder*Band, Family Force 5, Red, BarlowGirl, Group 1 Crew, Day of Fire, Smokie Norful, Lecrae, 10th Avenue North and Sidewalk Prophets.
From 7 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. each night -- after regular Magic Kingdom hours -- the special-ticket event will feature live performances on several stages throughout the park. In addition, guests can experience some of the park's most popular attractions during Night of Joy hours.
Musically, the acts add up to a lineup that runs the spectrum from Rock, Hip Hop and R&B ... to Pop, Adult Contemporary and Gospel -- continuing a tradition that has been a hallmark of Night of Joy since 1983 when the event began.
It's also a lineup laden with accolades. Ten of the artists have amassed a combined 81 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and six The Recording Academy Grammy Awards. Twelve of the artists are nominated for a total of 33 Dove Awards this year. Winners will be announced April 21 at Nashville's famed Grand Ole Opry House.
Five artists are new to Night of Joy, bringing the event's all-time talent list to 144 Christian music acts. The newbies:
  • 10th Avenue North, the 2009 New Artist of the Year
  • Group 1 Crew, which has carried home Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year honors the past two years
  • Day of Fire, which earned the Rock Album of the Year accolade in 2005
  • Sidewalk Prophets, a pop/rock group nominated for two Doves in 2010, including New Artist of the Year
  • Lecrae, a Hip Hop/R&B artist who has garnered nominations in previous years.
Night of Joy tickets go on sale May 1. For more information about the event, visit www.nightofjoy.com.

Recent Questions I've Answered on Disney World Moms!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Have you asked a question yet?  It's easy! All you have to do is log onto the Disney site, and go to the Moms Panel Advice link located at the bottom of the home page. Then, simply submit your question to the group or ask one of us specifically.  I've included my direct link below next to my picture.  I'd love to help you plan your next Disney vacation, and the best part it's absolutely free.  Come by for a visit today!

I've included some recent questions I've answered for other guests to give you an idea of what I'm doing and how I might can help you, too!

Disney Moms Panel Andi

Question: I have a 17 year old sister who is wheelchair bound. Can you let me know between Animal Kingdom & Epcot which park she'd be able to do more in? We're stuck in the middle because she likes to shop but she also loves animals, Thank you for the help!

- Asked by Kate on 3/26/2010

Answered by:  Andi S., AL

Category:  Rides & Attractions

Hi, Kate! For your sister, you're not going to go wrong with either Epcot or Animal Kingdom. My mom is also wheelchair bound, and she loves both parks just for the reasons you mentioned -- shopping, sights and animals. Yet, I give the nod to Epcot for people in wheelchairs since the passageways are much wider and seemingly smoother than those at Animal Kingdom. In addition, my mom enjoys taking a break during the day to have lunch at a table-service restaurant (without a buffet), and there just are more to choose from at Epcot than Animal Kingdom. For the attractions, both parks are very accommodating to traveling parties with members who are in wheelchairs, and my mom enjoys an equal amount of attractions at each of those two parks. I hope this has helped you make plans. Have a wonderful day and a magical vacation!

Question:  Can I wear pins I don't want to trade to the parks or will people just be asking? I love some of my pins and would like to wear them at WDW, but I don't want to upset anyone by saying I don't want to trade. So, how does pin trading work between guests?

- Asked by Michelle from IN on 3/26/2010

Answered by:  Andi S., AL

Category:  Pin Trading

Answer:  Hi, Michelle! My family and I love to trade Disney pins with Cast Members, other guests and each other! We usually wear our pins when we are visiting Downtown Disney, for a meal at another resort or perhaps around the resort where we're staying on vacation. However, we usually don't wear the pins to the parks simply because they become too heavy or cumbersome on some attractions. (Imagine the G-Force on Rock n' Roller Coaster with your pins dangling in front of your face!)
A pin-trading "expert" at WDW recently gave us a great tip to wear pins you are willing to trade on one side of your lanyard and the ones you want to keep on the other side. So, whether you're trading with a Cast Member or a guest whom you know (or perhaps you don't), you can easily explain your collection. With Cast Members, you are welcome to approach any with a black lanyard and make up to two trades no matter what age you are. Cast Members with green lanyards are only allowed to trade with children ages 3-12.
I've never been approached by a guest whom I do not know to trade pins unless I was at a pin-buying/trading kiosk or shop at WDW. Most of the time, the guest first asks me about my collection...so usually, there is ample opportunity to explain the collection before anyone asks for a particular trade. You definitely don't want to give away pins that are dear to you! Have a wonderful day, a a magical vacation and happy pin trading!
Question:  We will be spending a day at Epcot and have Lunch @ 12:00 at Akershus with our 4 year DD. I have dinner reservations to Chefs De Farnce and Yacht steakhouse at 5:55 PM. Which one do you recommend to keep?? Thank you, you Moms just rock!!

- Asked by Sakina from IL on 3/19/2010

Answered by:  Andi S., AL

Category:  Signature Dining
Answer: Hi, Sakina! Oh, thanks for the compliment...we certainly enjoy helping guests plan their vacations. It comes in a close second to planning our own! First of all, your four-year-old daughter is going to love, love, love Akershus and the princesses.
For dinner, you have picked two of my very favorite restaurants...Chefs de France and The Yachtsman Steakhouse...you will not be disappointed in either. They both have excellent food and great ambiance. The only advice I would give you is to decide if you would rather "take a break from the park" and leave to catch the boat to the Yacht Club for your dinner there. Or, would you rather stay at the park and not interrupt your "rhythm" seeing all the sights and entertainment? Another consideration is if you're not staying at the Yacht or Beach Club or the Boardwalk area, it is nice to have that experience -- take a stroll around to the Boardwalk after dinner to see the carnival-type games and peek into the great restaurants and shops there. You may even want to rent a surrey and take the family on a ride after dinner. It's a great atmosphere!
Hopefully, I've at least helped you make an informed decision although I couldn't give you a definitive answer. You certainly have great taste in restaurants! Have a wonderful day and a magical vacation!